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About Caryn Joseph Siegel, President, cjs Consulting

Caryn is proficient in leadership coaching for executives and helping them successfully manage change in their organizations. Her extensive process consultation experience qualifies her as an expert in facilitation, conflict management, and decision-making skills. Experienced in state-of-the-art organization development technologies, Caryn Siegel is a savvy, big picture thinker.

One of Caryn’s longstanding passions is helping work groups — especially those that are cross-functional or self-managed — develop the skills and processes necessary to become a team of supportive, high performing colleagues. Caryn brings knowledge of many, different options, developed from working across different geographical areas, cultures, companies and industries.

With over 30 years of experience, Caryn has created and implemented organization development and with management training strategies for multi-national organizations.  She has held Organization Development, Training and Human Resource Director positions in a variety of high tech and bio tech companies.

Caryn has managed all aspects of worldwide corporate human resource development. She has worked as an internal and external consultant with clients at the executive and management levels. Additionally, she has worked with most functional groups such as Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing, IT, Human Resources, Facilities, and Purchasing. She has been a Professor in the MBA Program at the University of Phoenix, San Jose Campus, teaching courses on Change Management, Organizational Cultures and Human Resource Management.

Caryn Joseph Siegel is a Founding Member of The Millennial Leadership Institute

Caryn holds an MBA from UCLA in Training and Organization Development from the University of California, Los Angeles, earned her undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies from the University of Michigan and is a Founding Member of The Millennial Leadership Institute.

Caryn can work with you in your office, at an offsite office, by phone or using video conferencing.

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Clients include:

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