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“I have worked with Caryn on multiple projects that have ranged from personal coaching to larger organizational consulting and leadership training. Caryn has a broad experience base within many different organizations and has worked with a wide variety of individuals. Caryn applies this experience in a very effective and personalized manner. I have found Caryn to be a wonderful sounding board and out of the box thinker on all fronts. I highly recommend Caryn whether you need a personal career coach or an organizational/leadership consultant.”

– Keith Wilson, CEO and Founder at Trilo Therapeutics

“Caryn’s coaching and expertise was exactly what I needed to take my career to the next level. Not only did I learn more about myself but she taught me how to better understand my colleagues; and this is one of the secrets to career success. Under Caryn’s tutelage I was able to influence my leadership team to promote me and trust me with the ownership of a high-profile eBay product. I attribute these successes to the things I learned from Caryn.”

– Matt Olson, Director of Product Mangement, eBay

“I highly recommend Caryn as both a coach and an OD consultant. I have brought her into several companies to provide coaching as well as trainings/facilitations-all with superiorresults. She has excellent business sense and a wealth of experience.”

– Gwen Carscadden, Chief People Officer, IntersectENT

“Caryn has an excellent understanding of organizational behavior and can provide very valuable coaching for improving the performance of senior managers and executives. She can bring a wealth of knowledge for dealing with organizational change.”

– Pirouz Maghsoudnia Sr Director, CheckPoint Software

“I highly recommend Caryn highly for leaders looking to improve leadership skills, help transition through change and create or fine tune a development plan. She organizes and facilitates a thorough 360 feedback process that works well to identify strengths and weaknesses to integrate into one’s development plan.”

– John Stankus, Sr. DIrector, Intersect ENT

“Caryn has worked with my organization for several years as a management consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach. She has constructed a variety of interactive and high impact sessions on subjects ranging from change management to supervisorial coaching of our field staff. She has coached at the management level on business decision processes, designed and facilitated full day workshops for agency leaders, has consulted on sensitive personnel matters and has been an executive coach to both me and our prior chief executive. Caryn is top of the line talent; I can assure you that you’ll be thrilled with her work product, her ability to bring many disparate views in the room into alignment, her tight focus on productive goals and her confident guidance through complex business situations. I heartily recommend Caryn and her excellent work.”

– Mark Burns, Executive Director, Homebridge

“I was a client of Caryn Siegel and benefited tremendously through her management and organization development program. There isn’t a day that goes by where I haven’t utilized skills I learned through her training. I highly recommend the 360 evaluation, which gives you first hand information on your performance through the eyes of others.”

– Mike Jones, Director of Field Operations, California Water Service Group

“Caryn gave extremely useful strategies and tactics for working with executives and employees. She also ran group team building meetings for me with relevant activities producing markedly better team productivity results. She also coached several of my employees and all commented that she helped them improve and her coaching was well worth the time and effort.”

– Carol Alexander, Head of Product Marketing, Broadcom

“I worked with Caryn to improve my interactions with other senior members of our company. For me Caryn’s program was very insightful and revealing. It helped me improve my interaction with my peers and significantly improved my job satisfaction. I’d highly recommend Caryn and her program to anyone that would like to expand their training and opportunities.”

– Bob DuBridge, EVP, CTO Maverick Therapeutics


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